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About Mike

In 2011 I attempted RAAM and lost.  After almost 2300 miles in 8 days, 15 hours and 35 minutes, medical complications forced me to quit the race.  Although many people said that alone was a major accomplishment it was for me, unfinished business.  Now, three years later I am making another attempt. Yes, I learned a lot after my try.  I learned there will be aches, pains and issues you can’t even begin to imagine....   Read More


The Crew


Robyn McClintock - Crew Chief

I have the distinct privilege to share in Mike's dream of completing the RAAM as both his wife and crew chief.  Bob Haugh, the crew chief in 2011 was a great role model and I garnered valuable information from his leadership.   I had the opportunity to crew RAAM for Mike in 2011  and I am really excited to crew again for him in 2014.  I shared disappointment with Mike as he was not able to cross the finish line however, a lot was learned and I look forward to making his dream a reality this year.

I am confident that with the experience of the crew, we have what it takes to make this second run a success.  Thanks to our daughter Erin that will be cheering from Belgium and to our daughter Lauryn who will be cheering from our home town of Wooster, Ohio.  Adam, our son is a part of the crew.  We are so blessed to have the support of our family.  When I say family this also includes our church family, work family and CrossFit family.  We love you all and thank you for your prayer and support.

Tom Wiseman - USAC Cycling Coach

“I've been cycling since 1989 when I got my first "real" MTB. I started working in a bike shop in 1996 and never looked back.  Some people go through their whole life never finding the "calling" they were meant  to do. Bicycles are my calling. I enjoy everything from working on bikes to helping others have more fun and fitness on their bikes.  Mike and I met in a bike shop in "96" before I got married to Amanda in "02" and I've been wrenching on his bikes ever since. On his first RAAM Solo attempt in 2011 I was Mike’s bike mechanic. Later that same summer I poured myself into becoming a USAC Bicycle Coach and in the spring of 2013 became certified as a coach and bike fitter. For the 2014 RAAM my role will be different as Mike’s coach instead of mechanic. I vow to be just dedicated to his RAAM crossing in 2014 despite my different but equally important role."

Shawn Gerber - Mechanic

Endurance junkie and bicycle mechanic - guilty as charged. Cycling has been intertwined in my life for almost as long as I can remember and is something I love to no end. When I was young I remember flipping over my handlebars more than I care to admit. Needless to say I got pretty good at wiping out! Eventually that led to my first twenty mile ride on an old rickety steel bike. I thought that was so long at the time! Now I do Ironmans and call that fun. To say the least, RAAM is a feat that straight up boggles my mind - and I do some pretty ridiculous stuff when it comes to endurance. When I heard Mike was looking for a wrench for his 2014 attempt I couldn’t help but volunteer my skills to be part of such an event. I am honored to be a part of the team and beyond excited to help Mike tackle this beast of an event.

Mike Moon- Crew

Buffalo, Wyoming

My wife Carolyn and I have lived in Buffalo for 44 years.  We have two children, Lisa (Palmer, Alaska) and Trevor (Buffalo) as well as four grandchildren.  

I spent 32 years as a high school English teacher plus a football, wrestling and track coach.  I also spent 10 years in residential construction.  My hobbies are kayaking, reading and traveling.

Rynae Westfall - Crew

My name is Rynae Westfall and I am serving on Mike’s crew for the 2014 RAAM.  Mike is married to my sister Robyn and having previously worked for Mike at McClintock Electric I have witnessed Mike’s passion for the sport of biking.  My sister tells me that to truly understand the RAAM you must either ride in the race or crew for a racer.  I have chosen to crew!  I will be helping where needed and look forward to Mike crossing  the finish line.
I have 2 daughters Katelyn and Hunter that will be cheering for Mike and the crew from our home in Shreve, Ohio.   
My passions are running and crossfit and maybe if times allows I can squeeze in time for both somewhere across the country.    

Derek Steiner - Crew

My name is Derek Steiner and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to join Mike's crew for the 2014 RAAM.  I am currently working for Mike at McClintock Electric and am excited to experience this amazing journey.  I am married and am next door neighbors with Adam McClintock.  I enjoy photography, cutting trees down on the weekends and road trips.

Adam McClintock - Crew

Hi everyone!  I'm Adam, Michael's son.  I am very fortunate to be able to be a 2014 RAAM Crew member for my father as a first aid provider, bike wrencher and a follow behind driver, but most improtantly to have the opportunity to experience this event allongside my dad, family and friends.  I work for my father at McClintock Electric along with fellow Crew Member , Derek.  My dad introduced me to bike riding at a young age and I love it!  Being able to ride and race with him has been great for both of us.  My girlfriend Samantha Spencer will also be providing support as we reach the Ohio leg of the race with posters and cheers.  I hope you all have a wonderful time tracking my dads progress throughout the race!

Kay Bork - Crew
Terry Bork - Crew