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In 2011 I attempted RAAM and lost.  After almost 2300 miles in 8 days, 15 hours and 35 minutes, medical complications forced me to quit the race.  Although many people said that alone was a major accomplishment it was for me, unfinished business.  Now, three years later I am making another attempt. Yes, I learned a lot after my try.  I learned there will be aches, pains and issues you can’t even begin to imagine....   Read More


The Infinity Seat

A highlight story of the RAAM: The Infinity Seat
By Robyn McClintock

Mike has struggled with one of the many ailments that can afflict RAAM riders due to the sheer number of hours they are on their bicycle - saddle sores.  For Mike, this has been an ongoing issue and one that we have worked through using many different creams and powders.  During the 2011 RAAM Mike had such severe saddle sores that he was so uncomfortable he had to get off the bike frequently.  In training for RAAM 2014 he continued to struggle with saddle sores even questioning whether he could make another attempt. 
A few weeks prior to the start of the race, Mike went on a few long training rides with Cassie Schumacher and Danny Chew, both RAAM finishers.  One evening after returning from a long ride, he sat down discouraged and again questioned himself on making a second attempt.  The saddle sores were going to be an issue.
In my mind Mike not achieving his dream of being a RAAM finisher was not an option so I decided to see what I could do about this problem. I scoured the internet for 4 hours, searching the subject of saddle sores and what other riders and people in general had done to work through this issue.  One dead end after another led me to the point where I prayed “God I need your help”……and I continued searching.   That is when I “stumbled” on the “Infinity seat”!
A few appealing key points that I read were that the seat takes the pressure off the sit bone, there is no break in period, it fits everyone and  is incredibly comfortable… It sounded too good to be true.  After reading and re-reading information on how the seat is structured and watching a video numerous times showing a rider on the seat I was convinced that this was the answer.  Then……I read further that the seat was not on the market and was in the investor stage. 
I was a bit discouraged but decided to share with Mike what I had found.  The inventor of the seat, Dr. Vincent Marcel, is a Chiropractor in Southern California.  Mike thought it was a stretch but he logged onto Dr. Marcel’s practice website and through the appointment link he requested to speak to Dr. Vince.  Low and behold Mike received an email from Dr. Vince the next day where he asked Mike to call him on his cell phone!  Mike called and Dr. Vince took an immediate interest in Mike and his issue with the saddle sores. He sent a few prototype seats to our home for Mike to try.  Mike was only able to take a test ride one time prior to his bike being loaded up for the trip to California but decided to use the seat during RAAM. The saddle has been amazing ; Mike has ridden 2200 miles so far and he does not have any saddle sores … the rest is history.

Some may ask if it is wise to make such a substantial change so close to the race - my answer is yes, you are correct! It was a huge risk changing seats so late in the game but we knew that we always had the old saddle to revert to if necessary.  

Dr. Vince went above and beyond and even rearranged his schedule so he could personally meet Mike and the team a few days prior to the race in Oceanside, California.  I had the opportunity to sit down briefly with Dr. Vince prior to the race and share my story of how the connection was made…after this conversation it hit me that two weeks prior I had never heard the name Dr. Vince Marcel nor his wife, Diane……but now I am confident that this friendship will continue long after RAAM is completed. 

Some may say this is luck…Mike and I choose to call this Devine intervention.  Thank you God for intervening.